Royal Brick Loot Box Review: The Family Brick (2023)

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So when my newsletter came out a few weeks ago, I realized too late that I had published an unfinished post! Many of you who have read the newsletter have probably seen a post with the titleBrick's Loot Box reviewno review, just part of my preliminary contribution. Oops. My mistake…

Royal Brick Loot Box Review: The Family Brick (1)

So when I actually received itbrick loot box...and sat on our entrance coat for at least 2 weeks and mocked us. I finally opened it!

Just so you know, this is not a sponsored post...although it may appear to be. I asked for a review box but never heard back. (I don't blame them. I'm sure they get a lot of requests for review boxes and it can be difficult to determine if the investment is worth it, if the blogger is just a scammer etc...anyway... )

This means that the opinions here are our own. (As always, because really, who wants to read a “corporate shill” blog… right?)

However, you will come across affiliate links. If you like the box or the idea of ​​the box, we would be happy if you decide to buy it.brick loot boxthrough one of our affiliate links.

Now back to the post...

(Video) The First GOOD LEGO Subscription Box?

My goal is to give you a peek inside the subscription box before it's too late for you to order one as a Christmas present. So I went ahead and bought a box for your review.

Eventually I had every intention of making an unboxing video of itbrick loot boxbut we never got to that. Maybe next time. Oh. Oh.

accumulation enough. On to this unboxing!

Contents of the Brick Loot Box October 2016

as soon as i open itbrick loot boxI was introduced to this:

Royal Brick Loot Box Review: The Family Brick (2)
And it wasn't until I got to the bottom of the box that I realized they contained a "content card":

On the card cover, you can see that there is a theme in the box. The theme for the October box set was "Game On!" Every item we received was game related in some way.

There is a small promotional note on the back of the card that describes each item.

Brick Loot Box Item 1: Arcade Building

From the content card:

Exclusive 100% LEGO construction designed by BrickBuildersPro

Start your LEGO Arcade with the classics. is a premier resource for custom LEGO plans, decals, and projects. They provide personalized directions to homes, shops, train stations, and even stadiums! User-friendly layouts focus on common parts and color resources to help the builder find and purchase parts easily. If you can build like a pro, you can build like a pro!

(Video) Brick Box is overpriced TRASH!

The mini arcade build is pretty awesome. It includes all the building blocks, 2 sets of stickers so you can choose which arcade to build and instructions on how to build the game.

Not in the game itself, but further down the box were instruction cards for two additional arcade games in case you decided to build more arcade machines.

We love arcade mechanical engineering. So much so that Mr. Family Brick bought 2 of these from Celebricktion last year. While we weren't initially impressed, we know that most recipients would probably love the compilation when they first saw it.

Brick Loot Box Item 2: Pixelmonster

From the content card:

Pixel Monster is a great build but don't forget to feed it too many energy pellets or it might eat your minifigures.

Now if you're looking at this pixel monster and wondering what's wrong with it, you've got a good eye. This is not a LEGO brick construction, but rather resembles nano blocks. (If you've never heard of nanoblocks, you can check out theirswebsiteor see what sets are availableAmazonas.)

The nano blocks are only a fraction of the size of regular LEGO bricks. The slogan explains its selling point well: the smaller the block, the more detailed it is. However, please note that this is not a nanoblock set. This looks like it was made exclusively for Brick Loot. You won't find nanoblock wording anywhere on the packaging or instructions.

So if you or your recipient are LEGO purists, you will likely be disappointed with this build. If you don't mind, this is a fun build that fits the theme perfectly.

Bricks Loot Box Item 3: Head Case

From the content card:

The HEAD CASE is the perfect place to store extra LEGO pieces, tokens or loose change. Display it on your desk, LEGO table or bedroom.


This item is our absolute favorite of the whole box - a cute little LEGO style cobblestone storage box. Mr. Family Brick and I had trouble opening it because we didn't understand that the head cap was unscrewed. Other than that, we love it. Honestly, we're probably going to fight over who gets it!

Brick Loot Box Item 4: Player Minifigure

From the content card:


100% LEGO custom minifigure

United Bricks specialize in printed LEGO items of the highest quality and offer an ever expanding selection of printed items. All products are printed with a high quality UV printing process, which allows them to be used and appreciated for many years.

I admit it was nice to get a minifigure as one of the boxed items. This one is pretty cute too, in his game control hoodie and side-worn cap. However, Mr. Family Brick was just a fan until he discovered that the minifigure had the Brick Loot logo printed on the back of the torso. He tries to keep minifigure advertisements out of his builds and once he figured that out, it was impossible for him to use the minifigure.

Of course you can feel differently.

Brick Loot Box Item 5: Exclusive art print

From the content card:

exclusive art print

Felix Winter has been a fan of LEGO since 2007 and has been creating LEGO art for a year. He has a passion for design and can create anything you need! Visit


If you love LEGO art, you'll probably like this work of art: half LEGO brick, half Tetris. Each Brick Loot Box comes with artwork to help you build your LEGO Wall of Love. ;)

Brick Loot Box Item 6: Stickers

It's not useful to us, but it's great that it fits the theme. The little brick will probably grab this to glue somewhere...

Not shown, we also received a 25% off coupon for

If you ever get a Brick Loot box, they're giving away the best unboxing video every month. You can win a free LEGO set!

Our thoughts on the brick loot chest

Keep that next thought in mind as I share my take on itbrick loot box. If we're being honestWe are probably not the intended target market for this subscription.

While it was fun getting a special LEGO surprise in the mail and I really want to get excited about the idea of ​​the subscription box, I think we were ultimately disappointed with what we got. Neither of us rushed to build any of the sets that we received in the box. As our only real excitement was the Head Case storage case, we felt that the amount of money paid for the case was not worth the value we received.

WITH THAT SAID... I think if you were buying this box for someone else, say a young LEGO enthusiast, they would appreciate the allowance.Brick Loot Box Subscription. I know our girl was happy to open the box and get the mail. I'm sure your kids would too!

How to buy a Brick Loot Box subscription

bricked bootyBoxes start at $24.95/month for a 12-month subscription. You still have to pay $6 for shipping and handling (US, which means other countries can pay with more), so it's more like $30.95 per month.

If you're not ready to jump right in, you can purchase a one-month subscription for $27.00 + $6.00 shipping for a total of $32.00. maybe you shouldTry a box for a monthjust to see! Visit thebricked bootywebsite for more details.

Have you bought the Brick Loot Box subscription before? What do you think about it?

(Video) #BrickSwag SUCKS! The Brick Builders Club Unboxing...



Is brick loot worth it? ›

All in all, I've enjoyed my first experience with Brick Loot. It'd make a great subscription for anyone to add a few exclusive items to their LEGOs collection each month. If you're unsure which subscription to choose, I would search through our subscription box reviews for Brick Loot and other LEGO boxes.

What is Lego loot? ›

Subscribers will receive a monthly box filled with unique, custom and never-before-seen items that work with LEGO bricks and custom building. Each month your Brick Loot box is filled with 4-8 items that were hand picked by Brick specialists who scour the world for the newest and coolest products for you to collect.

Is brick loot compatible with LEGO? ›

Compatible: Brick Loot bricks are compatible with LEGO® and major building bricks. Each brick has a guaranteed tight fit, so you are able to build and create in an easy and safe way.

Does LEGO give free stuff? ›

Take advantage of all the free perks of VIP membership to have the most chances to receive free LEGO products. Attend VIP only shopping days at your local LEGO store. Check the LEGO website to find the store nearest you. Each store participates in VIP only shopping hours and gives out gifts and prizes to VIP attendees.

Will LEGO send me missing pieces? ›

We do our best to make every set perfect and we take it very seriously when a faulty one sneaks through. Don't worry though, we can send you the parts you need! Please click “Missing Bricks” on the Bricks & Pieces section of our Customer Service site to order the part you need to finish your set.

Will LEGO replace broken pieces for free? ›

We take it very seriously if your LEGO® set isn't perfect and we'd like to send you a replacement as soon as possible. Please choose “Broken bricks” on the Bricks & Pieces section of our Customer Service site and search for the part you need to finish your set.

Is Lego Minecraft discontinued? ›

21169 The First Adventure – the one and only LEGO set based on the now-defunct Minecraft Earth – was originally due to exit production by the end of 2022, but will now be gone by the end of July.

Why are LEGO bricks no longer covered by patents? ›

The patents on Lego's brick design began expiring in the early 2000s; the original patent expired in 2011, and despite many attempts by Lego to get its patents extended indefinitely and then to trademark the design, the company was eventually forced to admit that innovation was its only road to continued success.

What is the fastest time to stack 20 Lego bricks? ›

Fastest time to stack a 20-brick Lego tower. You need to stack alternate bricks at a 90 degree angle. The current world record is 21.70 seconds, held by American William Liu.

How much force can a LEGO brick take before breaking? ›

While the very first LEGO toys were made from wood, the current LEGO brick is made of plastic and can withstand more than 4,200 newtons of force before it crushes under the pressure. In other words, a single brick can support weights of nearly 1,000 pounds before breaking.

Are LEGO sets good for your brain? ›

As researchers have discovered, construction block play, including with LEGO Bricks, offers a full spectrum of benefits to the budding mind. Some of these benefits are found in the usual areas, such as math, spatial activities and early engineering skills. Others are more surprising, especially social skills.

Does LEGO do drug test? ›

Build your career brick by brick at the LEGO Group. We conduct drug screening as a part of our drug free workplace policy and in support of our commitment to the health and safety of our employees.

Is it cheaper to buy LEGO at Lego store? ›

The prices you'll find in LEGO® Stores are the same prices you'll find on We strive to offer fair and consistent pricing in our stores and online. We can't price match, however, as Stores and sometimes run different promotions and discounts. Happy shopping!

What is the most rare LEGO piece? ›

The team found that the most valuable LEGO set is the “Space Command Center.” Back in 1979, it sold for $24.99. But now it's worth around $10,400.

What happens if a child swallows a small piece of LEGO? ›

First, don't panic. Second, call your pediatrician. While the LEGO will most likely pass through their system, it could cause internal damage. And that requires a call—and probably a trip—to the doctor's office or local hospital.

What happens if LEGO forgets a piece? ›

We do our best to make every set perfect and we take it very seriously when a faulty one sneaks through. Don't worry though, we can send you the parts you need! Please click “Missing Bricks” on the Bricks & Pieces section of our Customer Service site to order the part you need to finish your set.

What happens if you lose a LEGO? ›

We're sorry that something was missing from your new LEGO set. Don't worry though, we can send the part you need directly to your home. Please visit the Bricks & Pieces section of our Customer Service website to request what you need to finish your set.

How long before a LEGO set is retired? ›

For most sets you will see a period of about 18-24 months that they are still available. This means the sweet spot to make your Lego investment is before it goes out of stock. This means that you don't have to hold onto it for a long period of time.

Does LEGO ever bring back retired products? ›

Despite being retired from production and sale at, four models have made a grand return to the LEGO Group's online storefront all with stock available to order now with no delayed shipping.

Do LEGO stores sell missing pieces? ›

You can order individual bricks online through our Pick A Brick and Bricks & Pieces services. You can find our most popular bricks in the Pick A Brick section of our LEGO® Shop website.

Is collecting Legos a good investment? ›

They found that the market prices of retired LEGO sets, when sold on secondary marketplaces, grew by at least 11% annually. This is higher than the average returns for gold, large stocks, bonds, and other types of investments.

Is Brick link a trusted site? ›

BrickLink has a consumer rating of 3.44 stars from 9 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. BrickLink ranks 29th among Toys Store sites.

What happens when you collect all the gold bricks? ›

There are 160 Gold Bricks available in this game. After collecting all Gold Bricks, go to the Junkyard and something is now available to build. Once constructed, this structure constantly spews out Studs.

What does buying the gold bricks do? ›

Gold bricks can be used to construct doors to extra levels, such as the LEGO City.

Do LEGOs lose value if opened? ›

Once a LEGO box is opened the supply of that particular set falls and eventually the set becomes rarer, collectors hunt for it and the price inevitably rises.

Should I throw away old LEGOs? ›

If you're deciding what to do with LEGO® bricks when you don't want to play with them anymore, we recommend passing them on to someone else or donating them to a local charity shop. Bricks that don't meet our high standards after being molded aren't just thrown away. We can sometimes grind them down to make new pieces.

Which Lego sets will increase in value? ›

Top 5 Lego® Investment Sets 2022 under 50€
  • Lego® Star Wars™ 75319 The Armorer's Mandalorian™ Forge.
  • Lego® Star Wars™ 75299 Trouble on Tatooine™
  • Lego® Harry Potter™ 76395 Hogwarts™: First Flying Lesson.
  • Lego® BrickHeadz 40367 Lady Liberty.
Jun 10, 2022

How long does Brick take to ship? ›

Pick a Brick

Delivery to the US and Canada is within 5 business days. Delivery times to other regions can be found here.

Is BrickLink owned by LEGO? ›

BrickLink was acquired by the LEGO Group because it is interested in strengthening the connection with the AFOL community and finding new ways of doing this through improvements to existing functions on the platform.

Does BrickLink use LEGO? ›

If you're not familiar with BrickLink, its a worldwide community of sellers who supply individual pieces and sets. Its all LEGO still (in fact, it has to be official LEGO). In the same way that you can have a store on Amazon, or Etsy, you can have your own store on BrickLink.

How do you get 200 gold bricks? ›

There are 200 Gold Brick items available in the game. You can obtain four bricks within each of the 24 story mode stages by successfully completing the stage for the first time, by earning a 'True Wizard' rating, by rescuing the stage's Student in Peril and for completing the House Crest assembly.

What happens when you get 100 gold bricks in Lego worlds? ›

Collecting Gold Bricks is how LEGO Worlds measures experience, and allows the Player to level up, gaining new Items and abilities. Although the Player gains the highest rank at 100 Gold Bricks, the game will continue to allow more Gold Bricks to be collected, with a theoretical limit of over 65,000.

How much is a full gold brick worth? ›

How much is a 24k gold bar? A 1-ounce 24-karat gold bar is worth more than $1,800 as of June 9, 2022. Many gold bars that are close to 100% purity carry the 24-karat description.

Should I buy gold coins or bars? ›

If you're looking for a convenient, flexible addition to your investment portfolio, with capital gains tax benefits, then gold coins could be the best choice for you. If you're looking to make a larger investment and want to avoid paying a higher premium, then gold bars could be your best option.

How much is the golden brick worth? ›

A gold brick weighing 400 ounces and 100% purity sells at about $500,000. The price of a gold bar varies depending on various factors. They include: Purity.


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